So Much... So Close

Memorial Medical Center will be the hospital of choice in healthcare services for residents of Calhoun County by focusing on innovation. We will be recognized for our dedication to service, for our continual improvement in clinical outcomes, and for our responsiveness to the needs of our physicians, their patients, and families. We will remain sensitive to the needs of our community and to the dynamic developments facing healthcare.

Our Mission
Dedicated to Quality Patient Care
Memorial Medical Center is committed to providing to all citizens of Calhoun County accessibility to the highest quality of healthcare in a caring, dignified, and cost-effective manner.

Guiding Principles
We believe the following statements are critical and vital to achieving success and serving our patients, our physician and our community.

Patient care is our first priority;
Our customers' expectations drive what we do;
Our success depends on all of us;
The efficient use of resources benefits all'
We value the uniqueness of individuals and their contribution to the organization;
Commitment to excellence is paramount;
We recognize the needs of the community and the obligation to contribute back to the community;
We work as a team to improve organizational performance;
We recognize the need to continually assess and improve our patient care and hospital services;
Physicians are our partners in implementing and evaluating our services;
We treat our physicians, patients and their families, and each other with compassion, dignity and respect;
Communication (knowledge) is essential to performance;
The family/caregiver plays an important role in the patient's recovery.