Memorial Medical Center's Rehabilitative Services Department's primary objective is to return an individual to his or her highest level of function in the quickest and safest manner. Our department offers a comprehensive rehabilitative service line, to include both inpatient and outpatient physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech language pathology. The MMC Rehabilitative Services Department was designed to combine qualified licensed professional therapists in conjunction with the latest equipment with a team approach to therapy. Patients receive rehabilitative services that are directed toward individual patient goals as well as the goals of the physician, workplace requirements and the licensed therapist.

We offer a variety of services tailored to follow the patient from the hospital inpatient setting directly to the MMC Rehabilitative Services outpatient clinic, returning them to as normal a life as possible…at home, play, or work!

Please contact us at 361-551-2513 for more information.


Heat/cold modalities
Electrical stimulation/iontophoresis
Paraffin bath
Elliptical stair climber
Stationary bike
Treadmill with bodyweight unloader
Weight training stations
Work conditioning

Services We Provide

Physical Strengthening
Barium Swallow Studies
Functional Capacity Evaluation
Voice Therapy (LSVT)
Neuromuscular Re-education
Facial Muscle Exercise (FMEP)
Manual Therapy
Ergonomic Assessment
Therapeutic Exercises

Conditions We Treat
Physical Therapy
* Neurological
* Orthopedic/Sports Injuries
* Wounds/Burns
* Chronic Pain
* Lymphedema
Occupational Therapy
* Carpal Tunnel
* Reverse Shoulder Replacement
* Upper Extremity Injuries
* Decreased Daily Function
Speech Therapy
* Communication Disorders
* Swallow Disorder
* Cognition Deficits
* Bell's Palsy