MMC Obstetrical Care

Our OB department provides 2 private luxurious labor and delivery rooms. Mothers may labor, deliver and recover in a comfortable room, large enough to receive visitors. A comfortable sleep chair accommodates an overnight visitor. These LDRP rooms are designed to allow the mother and her new baby to stay in the same room for the entire hospital stay. We have state-of-the-art fetal heart monitoring units. Two experienced obstetricians, one Family Practioner with experience in Obstetrics, and an OB certified RN nursing staff provide 24/7 coverage and are AWHONN Fetal Heart Monitor Certified.

Memorial Medical Center Upgrades Fetal Monitoring System

Children's Care
MMC was one of the first rural hospitals in Texas to have the equipment to screen newborn hearing, and we continue to have top-of-the-line screening equipment to make sure all newborns have normal hearing. Our nursery is equipped to care for newborns that require who are able to care for any newborn. Our department has a board certified pediatrician and family practice physicians who are able to provide specialized care for newborns. The physicians and the nursing staff are all highly trained and Neonatal Resuscitation Certified.

Visiting hours are restricted to family and friends who may visit at anytime within reason.

Memorial Medical Center now offers complementary Wi-Fi.