What is Nuclear Medicine?
This specialty area uses small amounts of radioactive materials, or radioisotope, to evaluate various areas of the body. Nuclear Medicine imaging utilizes a combination of chemistry, physics, mathematics, computer technology, and medicine. This is a safe and helpful way to aid in the diagnosis of many different diseases or conditions.

How is the Radioisotope Administered:
The radioisotope will be injected in to the body, swallowed, or inhaled by the patient.

Different Types of Nuclear Medicine Procedures:

Bone Scan (Whole body, 3 Phrase, SPECT)
Brain Scan
Gallium Scan
Gastric Emptying Scan
GI Bleeding Scan
Liver/Spleen Scan
Lung Scan (VQ)
Heart Scan
Hepatobiliary Scan (HIDA, Gallbladder)
Meckels Scan
Parathyroid Scan
White Blood Cell (WBC) Scan (Ceretec or Indium)
Renal Scan
Thyroid Scan